Photography has chosen Miro and he has chose photography. In 35 years of career, without any prejudice, he is the author of award winning campaigns, has shot a wide range of special and famous people and has had his work praised for its preciousness. What and whom get involved in magic whilst passing through his lenses. His idiosyncratic nature has turned into a reference of photography for an entire generation.

His photographs are blessed with exact timing, from which non-retouchable images are born. Having classic painting as an ongoing reference, his lighting is a differential.

A talent, a gift, and a sensibility that he chooses to hide: "My photograph is more important than my personal figure, she is the one who has to appear".

The signature of his portraits is reference of a style, as well as his unique images of still life.

Amongst other works to be highlighted are campaigns for Melissa, Unibanco, Meriva, Levis, Mitsubishi, Natura, Boticário, Aracruz and the launch of Prisma GM.

He has signed several catalogues and fashion editorials, especially for Vogue of which he is a collaborator from the beginning.